HOME TRENDS-Instagram’s Best Home Updates Just for Renters

HOME TRENDS-Instagram’s Best Home Updates Just for Renters

completely renovated bathroom with pink door, teal cabinetry, new tile

As a renter, I love to find other renters on social media. There is so much inspiration for DIY projects,

and it’s pretty incredible to see how people transform their spaces. I rounded up some of my favorite projects and

asked the people behind them to tell me a bit about the process and cost, and how DIY is doable in a rented home.

Do Some ‘Renovations’
Cyn is laser focused on “renovating” her rented home into a space that is unique and utterly gorgeous.

The updates are so dramatic that you’d never guess they’re renter friendly.

Our favorite example is her bathroom.

“When I moved into my husband’s apartment after we were married, the bathroom was really just about utility more than anything.

There was nothing about it that was appealing or pleasant,” she said. สถาปนิก

Bookcase to Credenza After moving into her new home

Bookcase to Credenza After moving into her new home

Black credenza with blue and white ceramic vases on top
After moving into her new home and finding inspiration in Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Arhaus catalogues, home decor blogger Lisa Hassan decided to take the more affordable route and upcycle her old Kallax unit into a stylish credenza. ออกแบบบ้าน

She added legs from Amazon, had wood cut for the doors, framed them with picture frame moulding, and added door hinges and magnetic catches. After sanding and staining everything over about five days, her bookcase was unrecognizable.

“I never imagined it would turn out so amazing!” she said. “All of my friends and family couldn’t believe that it’s the same Kallax bookcase from our old house!”

How to Create a Plant Shelfie—the Green Home Decor.

How to Create a Plant Shelfie—the Green Home Decor.

Gorgeous plant shelfie by Caitlyn Kibler of @ohokaycaitlyn #PlantShelfies

We love a good #plantshelfie.
My one-bedroom flat in London has four different plant shelfies—in the bedroom,
living room, and kitchen—and it’s the best thing ever. There’s just something about picking an aesthetic, choosing the plants and pots
that will make up your shelfie, and then styling it (and styling it again,
and again, until it’s perfect).

We’re not alone in our love for a good plant shelfie. There is a whole hashtag dedicated to the perfect #plantshelfies on Instagram, where we see how other people are using plants to make a decor statement. We talked to a few plant parents who know how to style a great shelfie. They shared their tips and tricks so you can create an epic plant shelfie at home .  สถาปนิก

Although it is still a relatively unusual flooring material

Although it is still a relatively unusual flooring material

Hardwood flooring

Cork Flooring
Although it is still a relatively unusual flooring material , natural cork flooring is becoming more popular in bedrooms, where it has many virtues. Among its most important features is its ability to insulate between floors. This can help provide soundproofing while also helping keep heat and air conditioning where it belongs.

-Spongy and soft underfoot: Cork is a yielding surface that is extremely comfortable on the feet. Next to carpeting, this is one of the most forgiving floors when a person falls.

-Warm underfoot: This material is warmer than hardwood, though not as cozy as carpeting.

-Insulation value: Cork is filled with millions of tiny air bubbles, which serve to offer both thermal and sound insulation value.

-Less “green” than hardwood: While cork itself is a natural material that doesn’t pollute, the manufacturing process uses resins and adhesives that use synthetic chemicals. You may have trouble finding a recycling center that will accept old cork flooring. But cork is still better for the environment than carpeting, vinyl, or laminate flooring.

-Easily scratched: The big problem with cork flooring is that it is a relatively soft material and will easily scratch from pet claws, furniture legs, and high heels. ออกแบบบ้าน

Vinyl flooring today can take several forms, including

Vinyl flooring today can take several forms, including

vinyl flooring bathroom

Vinyl flooring today can take several forms, including sheet flooring, vinyl composite tiles, and a newer product, known as luxury vinyl tiles or planks (known as either LVT or LVF). Whatever type of vinyl flooring you choose, vinyl has several distinct advantages:

-Durability. Vinyl flooring is a surprisingly tough material, even though it is slightly soft underfoot.
-Water resistance. The main reason that vinyl flooring is popular in bathrooms and kitchens is because it is resistant to moisture, steam, and humidity. Water is largely unable to penetrate the surface of this material to do damage to the subfloor, although it can be slightly vulnerable at the seams.
-Easy maintenance. Vinyl flooring is very easy to clean. It is resistant to dirt, stains, scratches, and punctures, although it can be pierced if heavy furniture legs are not outfitted with protective pads. It may also yellow slightly if it is exposed to constant direct sunlight (although high-quality products have UV protection). Be aware that rugs containing rubber backing may cause a chemical reaction that can stain vinyl. ดูหนังออนไลน์ 

Surprisingly, laminate flooring is a better bathroom flooring

laminate flooring is

Engineered wood flooring
Surprisingly, laminate flooring is a better bathroom flooring choice than solid hardwood. Laminate flooring is essentially resin-impregnated paper atop a wood chip base. The surface of laminate plank is actually a photograph of oak, cherry, slate, marble, or any other wood or stone. On top is a clear coat called the wear layer. DuPont RealTouch, for instance, warrants the wear layer on its line of laminate flooring for 30 years.

Laminate can work in bathrooms if you take precautions to protect the wood base from moisture. With tight seams between the planks, it is difficult for moisture to work its way downward. Laminate is easy to clean, too. But laminate still has that wood chip base. Should it happen to have contact with moisture, it will expand and bubble, and the only way to fix it is to tear it out.

Truly waterproof laminate flooring is an idea that has not yet come to fruition even though several manufacturers have tried.

Pros and Cons
-Easy to install for do-it-yourselfers

-Water-damaged laminate flooring cannot be repaired
-Laminate flooring can collect static สถาปนิก

Best Carpet: Mohawk Fast Pitch Textured Carpet

Best Carpet: Mohawk Fast Pitch Textured Carpet

Mohawk Fast Pitch Sandy Beach Textured Carpet (Indoor) in the Carpet  department at Lowes.com

If you’re searching for affordable carpeting, consider this textured carpet from Mohawk. Clocking in well below $1.00 per square foot, the Fast Pitch series features a 0.5-inch pile height and easy-care polyester fibers. Carpets made from polyester offer excellent color retention and are not prone to fading. In addition, they are non-allergenic.

This Mohawk carpet is treated to offer lifetime stain and soil resistance and it also carries a 10-year abrasive wear warranty. While it’s not the plushest carpet and polyester fibers that can be prone to flattening, it makes a great pick for budget remodels or quick replacement of worn, dirty, or damaged carpeting. ออกแบบบ้าน

Best Overall: LifeProof Greystone Oak 12 mm Laminate Flooring

Best Overall: LifeProof Greystone Oak 12 mm Laminate Flooring

Lifeproof Greystone Oak Water Resistant 12 mm Laminate Flooring (16.80 sq.  ft. / case)-HL1314 - The Home Depot

One of the top picks in cheap flooring is laminate. Choosing a laminate floor for your home offers savings, style, and easy installation. Many varieties replicate the look of wood grain, though it’s unlikely to fool anyone into thinking it’s the real deal. However, it offers simple maintenance and is a good choice as cheap flooring for many areas of the home, including living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, and more.

LIFEPROOF laminate flooring is exclusive to Home Depot and offers great value. The Greystone Oak series, for instance, hovers around $2 per square foot and carries a limited lifetime warranty. This click-lock flooring can be installed over concrete or wooden subfloors, with no underlayment required. Each plank is 12 mm thick for a sturdy feel underfoot.

The biggest weakness of laminate flooring is its susceptibility to water damage, due to the fiberboard core at the center of each plank. However, LIFEPROOF floors offer enhanced water resistance and can withstand moisture from spills if removed within 24 hours. ออกแบบบ้าน

Top Brands of Hardwood Flooring Almost all of the giant flooring

Top Brands of Hardwood Flooring Almost all of the giant flooring

Best Engineered Wood Flooring – The Top Brands Reviewed (2018) |  HomeFloori… | Best engineered wood flooring, Engineered wood floors,  Engineered wood floors kitchen

Top Brands of Hardwood Flooring
Almost all of the giant flooring brands now offer prefinished hardwood floor products, both solid and engineered. For unfinished hardwood, your best bet is to seek out a local specialty flooring store.

For prefinished flooring, consider these brands:

Bruce: Owned and manufactured by flooring giant Armstrong, Bruce offers prefinished products in both solid hardwood and engineered planks. Bruce is available at both Home Depot and Lowe’s stores, at specialty flooring stores, and from online retailers. Bruce offers moderately good flooring at affordable prices.
Mannington: This flooring giant offers very good engineered hardwood flooring in more than 100 different colors, styles, and species. Its products are available at specialty flooring stores. Mannington flooring products are somewhat more expensive, but they are top-quality and extremely durable.
Bellawood: This is Lumber Liquidator’s house brand and features both prefinished solid hardwood and engineered hardwood products. These products, known to be good though not great, are priced very affordably.
Carlisle: This company offers excellent wide-plank hardwood flooring in both prefinished solid planks and engineered planks.
Kahrs: Although not a household name, Kahrs, a Swedish company, offers an impressive line of engineered hardwood flooring. Unlike many engineered products, Kahrs flooring has a very thick surface veneer that can be sanded and refinished. And the proprietary WoodLoc joinery system makes this a very easy flooring for DIYers to install.
Comfort and Convenience
In kitchens, hardwood makes for a slightly more comfortable flooring surface than harder materials, such as stone or ceramic tile, but it is considerably harder than more resilient flooring materials, such as vinyl or cork. Dishware may well survive falls onto hardwood flooring, but at the same time, a dropped can of vegetables could dent the wood. Hardwood will also feel warmer underfoot than ceramic or stone tile, though not as comfortable as vinyl.

Hardwood vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Since hardwood’s real drawback in a kitchen is its susceptibility to moisture and scratching, a flooring alternative to consider is one that is fully moisture-proof and more resistant to wear—luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). Also known as vinyl plank flooring, luxury vinyl is a thicker form of resilient vinyl, manufactured in multi-layer planks that join edge-to-edge to form a floating floor that rests on a foam underlayment pad. New manufacturing techniques are allowing luxury vinyl to take on the look of many different materials, including stone and wood. So realistic are these floors that you may need to view them on hands-and-knees to recognize that the planks are actually made of vinyl.

Luxury vinyl is completely impervious to water and most stains; it’s easier to install than most hardwood flooring and much less expensive. Unless you are insistent on wood because it is a completely natural material, it is worth considering vinyl planks instead of wood for your kitchen.

Is Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen Right for You?
Hardwood flooring is a good choice for your kitchen if you can afford it, are willing to be diligent about caring for it, and want the appeal of wholly natural flooring material. It will be a less successful choice if you have a busy or messy family, or if you have budget concerns. ออกแบบบ้าน

WINTER HOLIDAYS How Each Zodiac Sign Prepares for the Holidays

 WINTER HOLIDAYS How Each Zodiac Sign Prepares for the Holidays

girl decorating holiday wreath

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and everyone is starting to prepare for the festivities. There’s so much to be done, and it requires some forward-thinking to make sure everything is taken care of.
We all have our own favorite aspects of the season, as well as ones we focus on the most. While no one does everything the exact same way, our zodiac signs can give us a glimpse into our personalities and what might be important to us.
Check out your zodiac sign below to see if this matches how you usually prepare for the holidays.
Aquarius: The Picky-Party Goer
Aquarians prepare for the holiday season by ensuring they are spending time with the people they actually care about. This time of year is a constant flurry of invites and events, but you aren’t worried about making appearances just for the sake of things. You carefully determine the people you will surround yourself with to ensure you actually have an enjoyable time.

Pisces: The Eager Host
Pisces signs are sentimental people already, and this is only amped up more during the holidays. You will be excited to spend time with your loved ones and may even go out of your way to have the festivities at your place (or at least offer to help co-host). You will make a real effort to ensure everyone feels included.

Aries: Dives into Christmas Parties
Arians understand the traditional aspects of the season, but they also know that the holidays provide the perfect excuse to celebrate. You are either attending Christmas parties left and right, or hosting your own if there aren’t ones in motion.

Taurus: Loves Giving and Receiving Gifts
Taureans thrive during this time of year, particularly when it comes to giving gifts. You not only know what the best gifts are, but how to get them on sale. You’ve written down your ideas on what to get your loved ones and have spent the weeks prior purchasing everything on that list. Of course, you’ll likely treat yourself to a gift or two as well; of course, you totally deserve it! ออกแบบบ้าน